Sosial kapital og holdninger til religion i offentligheten En studie av elever i den videregående skolen i Oslo-området


  • Pål Ketil Botvar Forsker KIFO, Institutt for kirke-, religions- og livssynsforskning



Religion has become a contested issue in Norwegian public debate. Some of the ongoing debates are highly relevant for young people, for example debates on the use of religious symbols as part of one’s attire and the use of prayer rooms in public schools. In this article I will discuss attitudes to public forms of religion in the light of social capital theory. Social trust constitutes an essential component of social capital. Trust generated in face-to-face-settings develops into a more generalized social trust that has profound effects on large-scale modern societies. In this article I will analyze the explanatory power of social capital indicators and religiosity on attitudes to religion in the public sphere. In the analysis I also include background factors such as gender, political views and the education level of the parents.

Keywords: Upper secondary school, subject Religion and Ethics, human rights, religious freedom, social capital

Nøkkelord: Videregående skole, Religion- og etikkfaget, menneskerettigheter, religionsfrihet, sosial kapital