Hvordan læres gudstjeneste? Gudstjenestelæring i konfirmanttiden. Pedagogiske forutsetninger og tilnærminger

  • Karlo Meyer Dr. theol. habil., MPhil, professor ved University of Saarland.


In a German study combining quantitative and qualitative approaches, the experience of confirmands at the age of 13 to 14 was examined with regard to church services. With special focus on influential variables concerning learning and motivating for church services, it was possible to specify and even correct current opinions on the basis of the collected data. For instance, parental commitment to the church plays a relatively less significant role in comparison to the effect of children’s services. Another result was that the intrinsic motivation is not only affected by the contents of a service as conceptually defined and important for the youngsters, but in particular by experiencing the atmosphere during the service as well as experiencing security in the social setting. Based on these tangible results, practically oriented conclusions can be drawn concerning youngsters and church services.

Keywords: pedagogics of confirmation time • empirical research • worship services

Nøkkelord: pedagogikk i konfirmantundervisningen • empirisk forskning • tilbedelse