Gallakjole og underbenklær. Om det private i museets kunnskapsprosjekt


  • Anne-Sofie Hjemdahl



private collections, photographs, archives, fashionable clothes, wardrobes, knowledge production, expertise


The point of departure in this article is a ”private” photo collection from 1956, found in the archives of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo. In this collection the married couple or Bentz Kielland and Edle Due Kielland, the director at the museum and the head of the textile department, document their own wardrobes through photographs and registration cards. e article explores the hybrid character of this material. e focus is on the relation to the museum’s knowledge practices and fashionable clothes as a eld of knowledge. In addition it explores the relationships between the expert and the object of knowledge, and the relations between wardrobes and archives. e article also suggests how the ambiguous and multifaceted material may be activated in future research.