Author Guidelines



Nordisk Museologi is a forum for topical and critical scholarly debate in the field of Nordic museums and cultural heritage. The journal covers a wide range of subjects and themes related to museology, art and the natural and cultural heritage. It publishes original material in the form of research articles with a theoretical, methodological or empirical focus, along with analyses of exhibitions, critique of conferences, book reviews, presentation of research projects and doctoral dissertations. 

Peer review

Submitted articles or suggestions for articles may not have been previously published or be under consideration for publication in any other journal, edited volume, monograph or equivalent. Manuscripts must be based on good scholarship and ethics, and the language must be of high quality. Since 2006 Nordisk Museologi has applied a system of peer review to assess the main articles in the journal and, in certain cases, other contributions. This means that submissions are appraised for language and content in several stages, both by the editorial board and by external peer reviewers. Peer review is “double blind”, meaning that neither the external assessor nor the author of the article knows each other’s identity, and that the appraisal is exclusively a matter between the reviewer and the editorial board of the journal. The editorial board is responsible for all correspondence with the author of the article. 


The languages of the journal are primarily Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Articles may also be submitted in English, especially by authors from Iceland, Finland and non-Nordic countries. Authors who are not writing in their native language should have the language of their text professionally revised before it is submitted to the journal.   Manuscripts Main articles may consist of a maximum of 7,000 words, including notes, sources and references. The editors gladly accept suggestions for illustrations and pictures. Other types of articles and reviews may consist of a maximum of 3,000 words, and for such contributions the editors should be contacted in advance. Questions and suggestions for reviews can be sent directly to the editor responsible for reviews. To be deemed suitable for publication, all texts must follow the guidelines and instructions for manuscripts, which are available on the journal’s website ( / FRITT Open Access Journal Publishing at the University Library, Oslo.

Questions about publication 

Questions about publication may be directed to the country editor of the journal, whose name and address can be found in the colophon, or to the editor-in-chief. Authors will receive a response to their manuscript within two months after submission. No material will be returned after publication, and the editors accept no responsibility for unsolicited material. 

Those who so wish can also obtain their contribution as a pdf file and can freely disseminate it in relevant contexts. No fee is charged for publication, except that authors themselves must cover expenses for any translation work and/or language revision, as well as expenses in connection with the use of illustrations. By contributing to the journal, authors give approval for their texts to be made available digitally, in parallel with the printed issue. 


The journal is published with support from NOP-HS, the Nordic Board for Periodicals in the Humanities and Social Sciences.