Re-entering the house. Scenographic and artistic interventions and interactions in the historic house museum

  • Hedvig Mårdh
Keywords: historic house museum, art history, authenticity, museology, materiality, scenography, contemporary art, Dennis Severs’ House, Kensington Palace, Carl Eldhs Ateljémuseum


Scenographic and artistic interventions and interactions have gained in signi cance within the elds of exhibition and museum design since the 1990s. is article speci cally focuses on historic house museums, and how they use their theatrical and scenographic assets in order to recharge and reinvent themselves. e author discusses the di erent aims and tasks these interventions and interactions take on, and the attitudes that make them happen. Further, the author argues that the eld of art history should address these changes in museological practice, and should investigate new possible readings of the historic house, the objects within, and artistic interventions. is would also show the relevance of art history to the eld of critical heritage studies in a period that is characterized by the heritage boom and the new experience industry.