Artivism and the para-institution. The Partisan Café and Museum of Burning Questions, Bergen Assembly 2016


  • Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz Astrid Noacks Atelier
  • Anne Scott Sørensen University of Southern Denmark



Contemporary art, Bergen Assembly 2016, assemblage, institutional critique, artivism, para-museum, The Partisan Café, Museum of Burning Questions, radical democracy, radical art institution, antagonism, dissent, the commons.


This article presents a case study of the assembled events of The Partisan

Café and The Museum of Burning Questions, curated by the transnational group

freethought as part of their contribution to the Bergen Assembly 2016. It is argued

that the assemblage forms an experiment to materialize present theories of radical

democracy and the radical art institution, respectively, and take the form of a

para-institutional artivism. On this ground, and drawing on the concept of the

assemblage, it is discussed what the outcome and learning of the experiment might

be. The events played simultaneously in the city and on social platforms such as

Facebook, mixlr and vimeo and together with released material on the internet

from freethought these resources provide the empirical base of the case study. The

authors participated in the opening week of September 2016 and the analyses are

supported by on site observation.

Author Biographies

Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz, Astrid Noacks Atelier

Ph.D., Curator


Anne Scott Sørensen, University of Southern Denmark

Lic. phil., Professor

The Institute for The Study of Culture






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