Betragter, værk, verden. Museumsformidling mellem underholdning og ny erkendelse


  • Christiane Finsen Esbjerg Art Museum



Art experience, education, mediation, play, hands on, personal engagement, cognition, associations, open work, semiotics.


How can museums create frameworks for meaningful personal experiences? Through the use of theories about the peculiar nature of the museum as an institution, this article puts forward arguments in favour of a type of art mediation that acknowledges the complexity of the art experience and transcends the realm between play and learning. By viewing mediation as an integrated praxis rather than as an appendix of an entertaining or educational nature, the article proposes that museums are able to generate essential connections between spectator, art work, and the world. This proposition is put forward through concrete examples from Esbjerg Art Museum as well as through a juxtaposition of theories from not only the mediation field, but also from areas such as play theory, visitor studies, exhibition design, critical educational thinking, and semiotics.

Author Biography

Christiane Finsen, Esbjerg Art Museum

Museum Curator