Museet i tidens tegn. Et tidsligt blik på museumsaktivismen

  • Kasper Thissenius Haunstrup Rathjen University of Southern Denmark


Museum activism seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. The notion of activism enters a museological scholarly and political debate that had previously been defined by questions concerning the relationship between enlightenment and entertainment, authenticity, representation, and globalization. Museum activism challenges the traditional temporal character of the museum by demanding a presentistic – part futuristic – understanding of time. The basic assumption of this article is that the traditional cultural history museums confronts the visitor with his own temporality. The fundamental problem is that museums traditionally asks questions of the temporal character of mankind, whereas activism delivers answers and demands action. This paper aims to discuss the temporal implications of museum activism.

Author Biography

Kasper Thissenius Haunstrup Rathjen, University of Southern Denmark

Museum Inspector