One mobile app – seven art museums. A case study of Kunstporten

  • Joanna Iranowska The Museums in Akershus


As digital media change our society, museums are trying to rethink their mission and benefit from the possibilities digital tools afford. First, this article provides a historical background for the development of mobile apps as digital interpretive media in Norwegian museums between 2005 and 2020. Second, it analyses a specific case – the app Kunstporten – one of the most interesting apps to have emerged in the Norwegian cultural sector in recent years. The app was developed between 2012–2013 by seven Norwegian art museums, and the first museum app in Norway targeted explicitly at children. This small case study is based on interviews with museum educators and digital walkthroughs exploring the affordances (Gibson 1978) of Kunsporten. The article seeks to answer two questions: what have education departments learned from introducing this digital interpretive media? And why is the app more successful in some museums than others?

Author Biography

Joanna Iranowska, The Museums in Akershus

Senior Conservator and Photo Archivist