Making of an Exhibition. Iceland in the World, the World in Iceland

  • Anna Lisa Rúnarsdóttir University College London


This paper explores the ways in which the 2016 exhibition Iceland in the World, the World in Iceland at the National Museum of Iceland was created in collaboration between museum staff, University of Iceland, academics and migrants. The exhibition dealt with themes such as: migration to and from Iceland, transnational relationships, historical racism, prejudice and the role of textbooks and children’s literature in promoting or maintaining ideas about race and difference. Various challenges the team encountered on the way will be examined, for instance how complex concepts such as racism and transnationalism were transmitted through this medium. The role of the museum in promoting openmindedness and tolerance is also discussed – and questions raised on its capacity to influence society to change or improve through interaction with visitors.

Author Biography

Anna Lisa Rúnarsdóttir, University College London

Department of Anthropology

Honorary Research Fellow