Grunnleggende ferdigheter i KRLE-læreverk


  • Hans Hodne Førstelektor ved Institutt for religion, filosofi og historie ved Universitetet i Agder.



This article analyzes the relationship between basic skills and textbooks in the subject Christianity, religions, worldviews and ethics. Two research questions are discussed and answered: How can the basic skills be understood within the subject? And how do selected textbooks facilitate for working with the basic skills? The first question seeks to define and operationalize the basic skills within the context of the subject. This is done on the basis of official documents and current research, but also on an understanding of the subject which emphasizes both knowledge and formation. The answer to the first research question is used as an analytical resource for the discussion of the next question. The material being analyzed is three textbooks. With respect to knowledge, the article shows that textbooks manage to integrate the basic skills. However, the books could have paid more attention to some of the aspects of the skills which are specific for the subject. When it comes to aspects of formation and education the basic skills are mainly resources for ethical and philosophical topics, primarily to develop tolerance and respect within the pupils.

Nøkkelord: lærebøker, religiøs utdanning i grunnskolen og videregående skole, grunnleggende ferdigheter, kunnskap, formasjon