Curating soya. Trying, testing and tasting (for) a sustainable museum


  • Magdalena Puchberger Volkskundemuseum Wien
  • Nina Szogs Volkskundemuseum Wien



The Volkskundemuseum Vienna has been subject to large conceptual changes and now focuses on its social role and contribution to an inclusive and democratic society. The soya project came to the museum coincidentally when a hidden historical conjuncture was revealed and offered an intriguing way to include the topic of climate change into the museum’s agenda. The analogue and digital interactive formats in the soya project deal with the global contexts of climate change by analysing the social, economic and cultural role of the soya bean in our everyday lives. The authors present and discuss the inclusive museum approach, multisensory social programmes and the idea of a digital add-on exhibition on a small budget.

Author Biographies

Magdalena Puchberger, Volkskundemuseum Wien

Ethnographer and Historian

Nina Szogs, Volkskundemuseum Wien

Researcher and Ethnographer