Mellommesolittisk flekketeknologi i Trøndelag og Nordland


  • Magnus Nilsson Holen



This article presents results from dynamic-technological classifications of nine Middle Mesolithic assemblages from Trøndelag and Nordland. The area has until now, with the exception of Foldsjøen, been devoid of research on the spread and expression of the eastern pressure blade technology. The technology is present in most of the assemblages, but on Åsgarden 1 and Moen 1&2, Vega, it coexists with a blade technology usually interpreted as Early Mesolithic in nature. Since it is unlikely that the sites in question have been used in the Early Mesolithic, an explanation should therefore be sought elsewhere than in chronology. A possible explanation lies in technological choices in adaption to raw material of varying quality, and in Vega’s relative isolation from the mainland in the Mesolithic. The lack of relevant data from late EM and early MM sites in Nordland County makes a comparison with adjoining areas on the mainland difficult. However, with the available data from the rest of the country, the assemblages from Vega can hardly be classified as representative for the spread and adoption of the pressure blade concept.






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