Peer Feedback with Video Annotation to Promote Student Teachers’ Reflections


  • Ilka Nagel Østfold University College
  • Irina Engeness Østfold University College


Emneord (Nøkkelord):

video annotation, peer feedback, constructive feedback, assessment for learning, reflection



Peer feedback is a central element of assessment for learning, and the use of videos and video annotation may enhance student teachers’ critical reflections on their teaching practices. In this design-based research study we examined feedback provided by first-year student teachers on video recordings of their peers’ oral presentations using the video annotation tool Studio, and showed how Studio contributed to the process of providing feedback. Data consists of the students’ written feedback provided via the video annotation tool, the students’ responses to a survey and two semi-structured focus group interviews. We used qualitative methods to analyse the data. We found that more than half of all feedback comments were affirmative (praise), with only a few offering advice for improvements. The students found the feedback to be concise, indicated that Studio allowed them to attach feedback to concrete moments in presentations, and they concluded that providing feedback on their peers’ video recorded oral presentations, and receiving such feedback, enhanced their capacity for self-reflection. Even though they expressed concerns about providing feedback to their peers, the students expressed a positive attitude towards the learning design of providing feedback with video anno­tation and described it as useful and relevant for their future as teachers. These findings emphasise the importance of teacher educators’ awareness of the benefits and limi­tations of video annotation tools for enhancing pedagogy and students’ reflections on their own teaching practices. The findings also indicate that student teachers’ skills for providing high-quality feedback to their peers need to be improved.




Hvordan referere

Nagel, I., & Engeness, I. (2021). Peer Feedback with Video Annotation to Promote Student Teachers’ Reflections. Acta Didactica Norden, 15(3), 24 sider.
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